[eBook] 5 Ways to Minimize Change Management for Legal Operations

40%-70% of legal technology or process improvement projects fail due to the burdens of change management. Our eBook lends actionable steps to overcome those roadblocks so that your legal ops team can innovate without the pain of managing change.

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5 ways change management legal ops ebook
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What will you take away?

  • Strategies for designing your processes to be people-first, balancing individual & business needs.
  • Tips on how to eliminate the need to add more apps to your already enormous tech stack. More apps mean more interfaces, which means more training and more data silos.
  • Concrete means of improving corporate legal processes while actively reducing app-, developer-, or IT-dependency.
  • How to empower your legal operations teams. They are fighting the barrier of change management every single day.

What’s in this eBook?

Minimizing the costs of change management is an important goal for just about every department inside an organization—especially those charged with innovating for efficiency. It’s also a huge challenge. In no department is this more true than legal operations.


But it’s entirely possible to innovate and increase departmental efficiency—as well as operate as a valuable partner for the rest of the business—without incurring heavy behavioral or technological change. This eBook contains 5 exclusive strategies to help you do exactly that.