Salesforce Centralizes and Automates Cross-Department Processes With Tonkean




SALESFORCE IS THE WORLD’S LEADING CLOUD COMPUTING AND CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP SOFTWARE PROVIDER. Headquartered in San Francisco, California, the publicly traded company employs over 35,000 people worldwide. With over twenty products and services, Salesforce helps over 150,000 companies across the globe run their businesses smartly.

As part of the company’s marketing efforts, Salesforce publishes hundreds of customer success stories showcasing how their solutions help companies across all industries, business sizes and types succeed. With the participation of multiple teams scattered around the world, developing and producing these testimonials is a daunting effort.

How do you identify the best candidates for a customer success story? How do you track the progress of a story’s development? How do you ensure all the key participants and stakeholders are kept updated and, more importantly, following through on their deliverables? So many moving parts. Lots of details to manage. And, Salesforce had been managing all of this in one big, clunky Excel spreadsheet. Yikes!

Tonkean to the rescue!

Tonkean’s next generation business dashboard helped Salesforce streamline this process by automating and centralizing the key elements the team needed to successfully manage this important company initiative. Our Adaptive Business Operations platform eliminated the manual process of gathering and maintaining all the relevant details in order to make informed decisions and shepherd the process along.


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By applying Smart Triggers in Tonkean, Tracks are dynamically created for each customer success story candidate drawn from Salesforce’s data sources. In addition to the data pulled from those sources, custom fields are created to manage ownership, due dates and candidate statuses. Sub-tracks assign specific deliverables on each story and, as it moves along in its development, our adaptive modules proactively engages project owners for updates via Slack and email.

All this detail is accessible on a single dashboard. Stakeholders can get a bird’s eye view of each and every customer success story in development – even rejected candidates.

No more manual input. No more wasting time emailing the team, or holding long meetings, to get status updates. As a result, the team can focus on the important work of engaging with their clients and producing amazing stories!

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