From Sign Ups to Service. Toonimo Assesses the Customer Journey With Tonkean




TOONIMO IS THE FIRST AND ONLY NEXT-GENERATION USER EXPERIENCE PLATFORM THAT MAKES ANY ONLINE SERVICE INTUITIVE AND EASY. The company’s digital guidance platform enables enterprise e-commerce and omni-channel retail outlets to encourage adoption of digital channels and promote self-service. Not only does Toonimo enhance a website’s usability, but it effectively increases site engagement, encourages self-service, reduces service costs, improves customer loyalty and increases conversion rates.

Toonimo leverages a host of vendors to successfully generate demand, manage the sales pipeline, encourage sign ups, on-board customers, track revenue and ensure positive customer experiences. Data from a diverse spectrum of platforms is leveraged at each point along their customers’ journeys, serving specific and worthwhile functions.

From a manager’s perspective, however, it is exceedingly difficult to fully capture the scope of the customer journey. Who is the customer? When did they sign up? What is the prospective revenue? Has sales reached out to schedule a demo? Are there any on-boarding issues? Any feedback or feature requests? Any flags that need addressing? All of these questions are answered in different platforms. Pulling it all together is manual, labor-intensive and the data is frequently obsolete by the time it’s collected.

Tonkean Clears the Noise

Within Tonkean’s Adaptive Business Operations platform, Toonimo maintains a Board with a Track for each customer that is automatically created based on a Smart Trigger that syncs with records in their CRM. From there, data is gathered from across their other sources giving management an all-encompassing view straight away of new sales prospects. As trial customers convert to paying customers, additional data and insight is gleaned from across their other platforms as customers are guided through their journey with Toonimo.

Sub-tracks are later created for sales, customer success, marketing, product and other teams with action items. Our “adaptive module” actively communicates with Sub-track owners for updates to deliverables via Slack. The team responds directly within Slack which syncs back to Tonkean. Managers are alerted with update details – also in Slack. Tonkean talks with Toonimo’s other platforms so every action taken in any of them is synced back the other way.


For demonstration purposes only. Not actual data.

Tonkean Puts the Focus Where It Should Be

For the entire Toonimo team, the Tonkean platform unshackles them from the tedious process of ensuring management, and each other, have quick, real-time, instant access to all the data required to fulfill their promises to their customers. The ease and simplicity of setting up and using Tracks, Sub-tracks and Smart Triggers allows Toonimo to understand the state of their customer relationships, while the module takes the burden of chasing updates off management’s shoulders. Their energy is now devoted fully to providing the best service for their customers.