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TripActions, headquartered in Palo Alto, CA, is a global travel management company reimagining business travel. Founded in 2015, TripActions has over 500 employees and was recently valued at over $1B.

TRIPACTIONS IS ON A MISSION TO TRANSFORM CORPORATE TRAVEL. Their mobile-first, end-to-end business travel platform provides organizations a complete solution for capturing and optimizing their travel investment while delivering an intelligent, delightful experience to modern business travelers.

The Challenge

As a part of their leading business travel solution, TripActions provides many businesses with premium support through their customer success team. If a business traveler runs into complications during a trip, such as a flight cancellation, the traveler can chat with a TripActions support agent right from their mobile app to rebook their trip within minutes.

Providing timely and helpful customer support is at the core of TripActions’ value proposition to their business customers. TripActions’ customer success team was also experiencing rapid growth, adding 5 new support agents a week.

For customer support, TripActions was using Intercom for in-app chat, Zendesk for CRM & ticketing, and Slack for internal communications.

To provide timely service, when Tier 1 support agents needed to escalate tickets, rather than logging the escalation request in Zendesk, they frequently communicated with Tier 2 support agents directly through a Slack channel. This led to significantly time-consuming back and forth between not only the Tier 1 & 2 support agents, but also various other departments that would need to be involved in the resolution process.

Additionally, when the executive team performed an analysis of the support process for planning purposes, they found that the data in Zendesk was incomplete.

TripActions Support Case Before v2
Illustration: Escalation workflow before Tonkean

The Solution

In 2 weeks, using Tonkean, TripActions was able to streamline their end-to-end support escalation & handling workflow using a Tonkean module that sits between Intercom, Zendesk, and Slack, ticket data is automatically synced between each system.

Tonkean’s Adaptive Business Operations platform benefited both agents and the overall support process by allowing Tier 1 and Tier 2 agents to communicate directly in Slack while seamlessly logging detailed information of each ticket escalation in Zendesk.

TripActions Support Case After v2
Illustration: Escalation workflow after implementing Tonkean

For demonstration purposes only. Not actual data.

The Result

The streamlined support escalation process allowed agents to maximize their time doing what they do best, servicing customers. By allowing Tier 1 agents to continue escalating tickets via Slack and automatically log updates in Zendesk, support agents could simplify their workflow while providing the necessary context for Tier 2 support. With improved ticket logging, the business was able to gain valuable insights into the performance of the support process and how to scale it. They also lowered the overhead of agents spending time creating and updating tickets, which ultimately led to better customer service.


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