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Come learn from leaders in the operations and IT space as we discuss the future of business operations.

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About the Podcast

On Modern Business Operations, we’ll bring you weekly interviews with leaders from some of today’s largest and fastest growing companies. We discuss the future of business operations and how enterprises are learning to be more agile and adapt their operations and technology to our 
rapidly-changing world.

More Episodes

Episode 17: Building and Managing Successful Operations Teams with Sowmya Srinivasan of Informatica

In this episode of Modern Business Operations, Sowmya shares the importance of having her teams and leaders understand their whys and how to get to their next level of performance.

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Episode 18: How Airtable Decentralizes Their Operations with Lindsay Selbak of Airtable

In this episode, Lindsay shares her thoughts on centralized and decentralized communication and creating and understanding dependencies across an organization.

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Episode 19: How Ops Can Navigate the Great Resignation with Zahra Bukhari, Director of Sales Operations at Klaviyo

In this episode, Zahra Bukhari shares ways on how Ops can communicate with stakeholders in unconvering dormant opportunities and accelarating revenue growth.

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Meet Your Hosts

Sagi Eliyahu

Sagi Eliyahu is Co-Founder and CEO at Tonkean. An entrepreneur, innovator, and tech guy, Sagi is passionate about building products that solve real problems. His ability to look at the big picture while zooming into a product’s most minor technical and design details has made solving “unsolvable” problems what Sagi does best.

Briana Okyere

Briana Okyere is the Community Lead at AdaptivOps. A gifted
communicator, Briana is passionate about helping operations professionals succeed. She understands the challenges both individuals and teams face today and has become a trusted voice in the AdaptivOps community

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