More Than Integrations

Integrate, automate, and connect your systems around your people.

Tonkean reduces inefficiencies across your workflows by removing the friction between your people and systems.

Connect any of your systems

Easily access, update, or move data between your systems with our 1000+ out-of-the-box connectors. You can also connect custom data sources to support all of your systems!

Automate workflows without developers

Create workflows using a drag & drop interface to manage & automate actions tailored to your specific business logic, systems, and teams. No code or engineering skills required.

Integrate systems and people

People are a core component of your processes, and moving data between people and systems is a challenge. Reach your people where they are via Slack, MS Teams, and Email.

We make sure you succeed

Whether you need help building a new workflow, encounter a problem, or have a question about anything, our support team will work around the clock to ensure your success.


Smart automation, no code required

The best automation takes context into account: the who, what, when, where, and why of a request. By connecting your systems and people, Tonkean ensure intelligently take the right action at the right time — all without code.

Keep your people in the loop

Systems are only a portion of every workflow. Tonkean is the only automation platform that incorporates your people by reaching them with actionable notifications on Slack, MS Teams, or email. This allows you to truly streamline processes end-to-end.

We've got all your systems covered

Leverage out of the box integrations with over 1000 systems, all without code. We fully support custom integrations, ensuring no system is left behind.


Use Cases for Every Function

Create scalable & efficient processes across your business to lower costs, maximize growth, and empower people.

Sales Operations

Increase revenue and forecasting accuracy by automating processes like lead qualification & routing, scheduling & follow-up, approvals, and more.

legal Operations

Make legal an integral business partner by automating processes like legal intake, document generation, and more.

customer Operations

Scale while maintaining a quality customer experience by automating processes like customer support routing & escalation, on-boarding, and more.

people Operations

Maximize the time spent on strategic people initiatives by automating administrative processes like on-boarding, off-boarding, and more.

finance Operations

Mitigate risk and ensure compliance without slowing down the business by automating processes like reconciliation, financial approvals, and more.

IT Operations

Improve efficiency and free up engineering resources by automating ticket routing & escalation, auditing, approvals, and more.
TripActions improves customer experience through automation

By automating and orchestrating the end-to-end support escalation process between multiple teams and systems (Intercom, Zendesk, and Slack). TripActions improved customer experience, efficiency, and visibility across customer support.

Tonkean is an absolute game changer.

— Ariel Cohen, CEO & Founder TripActions

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