IT Automation for
People-Centric Processes

Gaining efficiencies in IT operations isn’t just about automating system- or data-level tasks, it’s also about simplifying processes for people.

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Expand IT capacity

Each minute that an IT team member spends triaging, routing, or following-up on a routine ticket is one less minute spent on actually providing service to your internal customers or driving strategic IT initiatives

Tonkean’s Adaptive Business Operations platform empowers IT Ops teams to automate processes that involve systems and people, unlocking endless opportunities to drive efficiency across the business.

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Automate Dynamic Workflows

Dynamic, human-involved workflows are extremely difficult today to automate. Tonkean is built from the ground-up to handle & optimize unpredictable workflows.

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Intelligently Coordinate People

Too much of your IT team's time is spent chasing people for updates or actions. Tonkean's AI-powered coordination engine can intelligently reach people in their system of choice.

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Securely Connect With 1000+ Systems

Make accessing and updating data in any of your systems or databases easier than ever before. Tonkean has been built from the ground up with security in mind.

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Empower Other Operations Teams

Expand the capabilities of your IT operations and automation teams by enabling functional ops teams with the ability to automate workflows, while maintaining full governance.

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Complete toolbox for IT operations

Automate processes across systems & people

Tonkean’s Adaptive Business Operations platform is built for the people that need it the most. Create tailored solutions for any operational need, whether that’s automating workflows, integrating systems, or coordinating people  no coding required.

Simplify people interactions

Proactively surface data and actions

Reduce the time your IT team spends on monitoring requests or chasing people. Tonkean can proactively reach people by learning individual or team preferences, like what communication medium is preferred, and route alerts, data, or actions to the right place at the right time.


Solutions For IT Ops

Check out some examples of how IT operations teams are using Tonkean to optimize their processes, people, and systems.

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