People-First Operational Design

Bridging the “Last Mile” gap in business operations

Technology is disrupting every aspect of every industry, and yet people still spend countless hours on menial, mundane tasks leading to massive inefficiencies and rigid processes. There is a disconnect between how processes are designed, how technology functions, and how people behave. 

It’s time to rethink operational design.

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Cause of the "Last Mile"

The explosion of SaaS applications has made it easier for business teams to rely on software to solve their operational problems. However, too often, technology becomes the first, and only consideration, to solving operational challenges. When this happens, people are left to adapt to new processes and systems through manual work to fill the “Last Mile” gap in operations.

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The "80-20" rule

Systems struggle to support every person in every business because enterprise product companies simply do not have the scale to design and build solutions that cover 100% of individual needs. As such, they build for the 80% of shared functionality and leave the final 20% for each company to solve on their own.

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Automation just for systems

There are many automation solutions focused on integrating systems or automating repetitive system-based tasks. However, this only addresses a portion of the problem, as every process needs people. This can actually have a negative impact as automated workflows become “black boxes” that cause people to lose visibility and control.

Tonkean is a people first operationally designed platform
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A new approach to operational design

To truly gain efficiency, processes need to be designed people-first.

Watch Sagi Eliyahu, our CEO & co-founder, discuss how a simple, yet powerful, change can impact organizations.


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