Tonkean’s Adaptive Business Operations Platform

Harness the Power
of Enterprise No-Code

Accelerate solution delivery for business processes while maintaining governance and compliance across the organization.

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Build solutions to complex business processes yourself

Orchestrate processes across business functions in the Solution Studio fully integrated with your tech stack, all without code.

Contextual Event Triggers

Trigger actions based on system updates, human actions, item details, timing, or any combination of contextual elements.

People Coordination Actions

Accelerate human steps with actions that proactively reach out and follow-up with people for input in their preferred communication tool.

Data Actions

Add actions that create, read, update, and delete data elements in any packaged or custom data source.

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Conditional Logic

Quickly define complex decision rules and logical flows to handle any case in your business process.

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Smart Entity Mapping

Automatically associate linked elements across systems and people without any manual data mapping.

Advanced Formulas

Define, with no-code, custom combined data elements to drive process decisions or measure KPIs.

Increase agility while maintaining governance​

Enterprise Components provide both democratized access and granular control of data, actions, and people.

Tonkean Platform - Enterprise Data Sources Layout
Example of how Tonkean's orchestration platform can specify native or custom cations to be performed on data sources with full governance and easy reusability
Permissions & Versioning data source view
Quickly connect your packaged and custom applications with 1000+ connectors and easy-to-build webhooks.
Specify native or custom actions that can be performed on your data sources with full governance and easy reusability.
Determine the communication mediums of choice (i.e. Slack, Teams, Google Chat, or email) for human-in-the-loop processes.
Train the machine learning models that empower advanced capabilities like NLP for processing unstructured data for use in solutions.
Ensure compliance and minimize risk with fine-grain access control and versioning on every component, module, and solution.

Streamline operations end-to-end.

Move away from point solutions that only solve part of the problem.
Optimize your business processes across people and systems.


No New Apps
No Change Managment

Coordinate people across departments:

And let them work where they like to work:


No Data Silos
No Code

Connect to any cloud app:

Or any internal data source:

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Execute, monitor, and manage all your processes end-to-end

Track, manage, and update every process from Business Reports and create the ideal partnership between people and technology.

Mission control for your business operations

Manage the execution, actions, and data for your Solutions in a single place with Runtime.

Secure & Flexible Deployment Options

Tonkean can be deployed on the any of the three major cloud providers including AWS, Microsoft Azure (Private Cloud only), and GCP (Private Cloud only). All deployments have a hardened operating systems installation, firewall protection, and regular system patching process.

Public Cloud

Tonkean’s public servers are stored on AWS in a multi-tenant environment. The public cloud environment will be managed by Tonkean.

Dedicated Cloud

A single-tenant cloud environment not shared with other customers. The dedicated instance will be managed by Tonkean and is hosted on AWS.

Private Cloud
Private Cloud Icon

Have Tonkean installed on your organization’s private cloud environment. This cloud environment will be privately managed by your internal IT team. For private cloud, Tonkean can be hosted on AWS, Azure, and GCP.

Enterprise ready.

The security, scalability, and reliability you need to deliver complete solutions to your most critical business processes.


Our security model and controls are based on international protocols and standards and adheres to industry best practices, including SOC2 Type II, GDPR and others.

Scalability Built-In

Build processes with full confidence to scale for high activity volumes and unexpected load spikes while maintaining high availability.

Full Audit Logs

Automatically capture all activity history to easily triage issues, maintain compliance, and understand what is happening with each business process.

Data Retention Settings

Granular data retention controls for each process allows you to keep data for only as long as you need to, while staying within your security guidelines.

Advanced Access Controls

Multi-level access controls allows IT to govern access while enabling business operations teams the autonomy they need to build their own solutions.

Private/Dedicated Cloud Option

Option to run on our public or dedicated cloud or your own private cloud. We support any of the major cloud providers: AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.

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