Automate Risk Management

Mitigate risk without adding unnecessary overhead

Tonkean enables legal, finance, compliance, and HR teams to monitor and minimize risk across the organization while making processes as natural and painless as possible.

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Adaptive Modules For Risk Mitigation

Check out some examples of how enterprises are using Tonkean to streamline legal, risk, compliance, and hr processes.


No-Code & No Change Management

Tonkean accelerates time to value by enabling cross-functional business operations & IT teams to rapidly orchestrate processes and improve operational visibility on top of your existing systems & tools.

Loanpal streamlining data collection in auditing

By using Tonkean, Loanpal can provide benefits both to their people and business. The audit team delegates up to 30% of their time to the Tonkean Bot, allowing them to spend more time actually performing audits.

Audit team spent 30% of the time on manually collecting documents.​

orchestrate your risk management operations

Orchestrate all risk-related processes across your organization while embedding into the natural flow of business operations to ensure compliance without business disruption.

make risk management natural & painless

Reduce the manual handoffs, administrative work, new systems, and other tedious processes related to managing risk so that risk mitigation does not hinder business velocity.

gain end-to-end visibility of key risk metrics

Monitor, measure, and act on important risk metrics like total systemic risk, key risks monitored, legal turnaround time, and more to maintain the right balance between risk management and business efficiency.

seamless integration with your systems

Tonkean seamlessly integrates with 1000+ business systems, so you don’t need to replace your existing environment or train your business on new processes.
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Is risk management slowing down the business?

Managing risk is critical to every enterprise. However, the processes involved with reducing risk often slows down critical business processes like sales cycles, vendor onboarding, new employee hiring, and more. Additionally, working through legal, finance, compliance, and hr processes frequently requires people to learn new systems, perform manual tasks, and chase people for updates.

What if managing risk didn’t need to come at the expense of business velocity? 

Tonkean can reduce the friction associated with following risk procedures by embedding necessary steps into the natural flow of business operations, within the existing systems that run the business and tools that people use. With Tonkean, enterprises can reduce risk while avoiding any business disruption.