Servers security

  • All of our servers are hosted on Microsoft Azure.
    For more information, see Azure Security Information.
  • All have a hardened operating systems installation.
  • A Firewall to prohibit unauthorized system access.
  • A regular system patching processes to provide ongoing protection from exploits.

Payment information security

  • Tonkean does not receive or store any payment information. We use Stripe as a third-party provider to process all payments. Stripe is a company dedicated to this task, and is certified to “PCI Service Provider Level 1”. This is the most stringent level of certification available.
  • See Stripe Security Information

Data security

  • All the network interactions with Tonkean are encrypted using HTTPS for all access points.
  • All user-sensitive data is kept encrypted in our database. This includes:
    • Authorization tokens
    • Passwords

Have other questions?

If you have a security question please contact our support team at If you believe you have found a security vulnerability within Tonkean, please submit your report to