Coordination Modules

Automate check-ins and follow-ups with people

Tonkean coordination modules manage on-going processes by proactively reaching out to systems & people (by email, Slack, or Microsoft Teams) to collect information & track status.

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Coordination Bots for Operations

Check out some examples of how Tonkean Coordination Bots can have impact across your organization


Automate any business process

Deploy bots to Improve efficiency

Tonkean provides an Adaptive Business Operations platform to create tailored solutions for any operational need, whether that’s automating workflows, integrating systems, or coordinating people — no coding required.

Need to improve efficiency?

Coordination of projects or processes are difficult for every company. Many hours are lost by chasing information in systems or updates from people to gain visibility or context of tasks. With more complexity and higher business demands, teams need a way to automate coordination with something that works seamlessly with their specific systems, people, and processes.

Tonkean coordination modules eliminate the tedious and mundane administrative tasks associated with processes like approvals, on-boarding, data collection, project tracking, and more. By connecting directly with the systems in your environment and intelligently reaching out to people via email, Slack, or Microsoft Teams, coordination modules make it easy for people to keep things up to date while ensuring visibility and consistent processes for business operations.