Adapt Your Support Processes

During global crises’, support teams hold the front lines and must adapt quickly. Tonkean’s no-code platform empowers support teams with the operational infrastructure they need to remain flexible.

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Slow and steady does not win this race

Unexpected market shocks can overwhelm support teams, with some companies seeing more than 5X the number of support requests than normal. Handling this sudden load is daunting without an operational infrastructure that can deliver an efficient support process.

You need to reduce manual support work
Support processes today are manual, requiring constant back-and-forth, interactions with multiple different apps, and tedious data entry. This limits the amount of support requests your team can handle, while making it difficult to maintain a high level of quality in your customer service.
Quickly improve support efficiency & quality

Tonkean can quickly streamline support operations by automating routine requests, intelligently coordinating routing & escalation of tickets, and capturing critical support data. See value in days starting with a single process and scale over time to build an adaptive operational infrastructure that helps prepare for future business disruptions.

Tonkean's Adaptive Business Operations Platform

Automate tedious support processes

such as handling simple questions, ticket creation, issue routing, escalation, data capture, and more.

Remove reliance on developers and IT

with a no-code platform that connects with 1000+ systems and orchestrates end-to-end workflows.

Simplify your support team's lives

by reducing manual coordination, such as chasing follow-ups for escalations, so that your people can focus on customers.

Ensure nothing falls through the cracks

by providing complete visibility into your entire support process from individual ticket details to high-level KPIs.

The OS for Support Operations

Design, implement, and deliver solutions that orchestrate your specific support processes in one place using our no-code, visual builder. Tonkean’s Adaptive Business Operations Platform gives your support teams the flexibility they need to drive change quickly. 

Solutions For Customer Ops

Check out some examples of how customer operations teams are using Tonkean to optimize their processes, people, and systems.

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