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Adaptive Business Operations 101

8 strategies to build an operational foundation that’s efficient, empathetic, and resilient to disruption.

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Changemakers 2020

The first ever global hackathon connecting operations’ & tech’s smartest minds with the non-profits that need their help to run efficiently.


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Tonkean Magic Moment: Smart Opportunity Monitoring

Struggling to get sales reps updating their opportunity notes in SFDC? See how Tonkean can make opportunity monitoring simple and pain free.

Tonkean Magic Moment: Auto-Generate Sales Contracts

Is the process for getting legal documents holding up sales cycles? Tonkean can accelerate contract processes to increase sales velocity.

Tonkean Magic Moment: Automatic Document Sorting With OCR

Tonkean’s OCR Document Sorting module completely automates any document process with ML-enabled document processing and human-in-the-loop routing.

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