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for Process Excellence

Tonkean empowers Lean Six Sigma process experts to automate bottlenecks and deliver end-to-end solutions quickly and flexibly across the organization.

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No-code means actually being agile

Tonkean’s no-code platform empowers you to automate work, connect systems, and coordinate people—all within days, without relying on developers or IT.

Monitor, analyze, and improve your processes

Don’t stop at just automating processes. Track, manage, and monitor your solutions to identify bottlenecks to drive continuous process improvement.

All the tools you need. Right out of the box.

Automate processes across business functions in the Solution Studio fully integrated with your tech stack, all without code.

Contextual Event Triggers

Trigger actions based on system updates, human actions, item details, timing, or any combination of contextual elements.

People Coordination Actions

Be flexible and responsive. Accelerate human steps with actions that proactively reach out and follow-up with people for input in their preferred communication tool.

Data Actions

Add actions that create, read, update, and delete data elements in any packaged or custom data source.

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Conditional Logic

Quickly define complex decision rules and logical flows to handle any case in your business process.

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Smart Entity Mapping

Automatically associate linked elements across systems and people without any manual data mapping.

Advanced Formulas

Define, with no-code, custom combined data elements to drive process decisions or measure KPIs.

Streamline operations end-to-end.

Move away from point solutions that only solve part of the problem.
Optimize your business processes across people and systems.


No New Apps
No Change Managment

Coordinate people across departments:

And let them work where they like to work:


No Data Silos
No Code

Connect to any cloud app:

Or any internal data source:

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Drive Process Excellence with Tonkean


One Point of Control

Identify, map, build, and monitor end-to-end processes across your organization from a single location.


Eliminate Process Waste

Waste is expensive. Tonkean helps companies reduce waste and improve cycle time, reduce data defects, streamline cross-functional work, and more.


Continuous Improvement

Tonkean’s no-code, drag-and-drop workflow builder makes building and iterating on existing processes take hours, not days or weeks.

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