Legal Operations

Change without change management

Tonkean bots enable legal operations teams to drive immediate impact without introducing new systems, forms, or processes.

Watch how Tonkean automates legal intake with no change management

Bots For Legal Operations

Legal Intake Bot

Connect all sources of legal requests like forms, emails, systems, and chat with a single bot that triages, responds, and/or routes each request intelligently.

Document Generator Bot

Automatically generate specific NDAs, SOWs, and other contracts from templates with specific details from individual requests.

Legal Approvals Bot

Expedite approval processes by proactively routing, notifying, and tracking individual items through the entire process while keeping a detailed audit trail.
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Complete toolbox for legal operations

Deploy bots for any legal process

Tonkean provides an end-to-end robotic automation platform to integrate, orchestrate, and automate any process tailored to your specific needs, no coding required.

Intelligent bots for systems & people

Tonkean bots orchestrates end-to-end human-in-the-loop processes by connecting to systems, coordinating people, and automating work.

automate administrative tasks

Automate manual steps such as triaging legal requests, routing items to legal team members, and creating standard documents so that your team can focus on more meaningful work.

Single view of legal

Gain end-to-end visibility of your processes with live details of each individual legal item and aggregate views of important metrics or KPI.

SEAMLESS INTEGRATION with your systems

Tonkean seamlessly integrates with 1000+ business systems, so you don’t need to replace your existing environment or train your business on new processes.
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Want to improve legal, but can’t?

We’ve all heard that the top barrier to operational improvement for legal teams is the resistance to change across the organization. Automating a process like contract management can trigger a six to twelve month change management process. Even something as simple as NDAs typically means adopting a new system, building a new workflow, and training your business stakeholders on how to follow a new process.


What if change could be simpler? Tonkean believes that change shouldn’t mean replacing your systems or forcing people to follow a new process. Rather, change should start from your people. Ask the question, “what would make my GC, attorneys, paralegals, associates, and business customers work best?” Then, allow people to work in that ideal way by bridging the gap by connecting your current systems, automating administrative work, and coordinating with people.


That’s what Tonkean can do for you.