Series A

A Note About Our Series A and Tonkean’s Role in Building the Future

Today, we announced the completion of Tonkean’s $24 million Series A round, led by Lightspeed Venture Partners. This is something we’re remarkably excited about. It’s a huge step for our company. Our mission is to empower operations teams to design and manifest the future of work — a future that’s more adaptive, efficient, and appreciative of the importance of people, as opposed to tech, or data. This round of funding, in allowing us to scale the Adaptive Business Operations technology we’re building, will help us do precisely that. In a time of disruption and uncertainty, we have little time to waste, which is why this raise — along with the partner we’ve acquired through it — is such a big deal.

Over the last few days, though, I’ve been unsure of how to share news of the raise with the world. So often the blog posts you read from founders in times like this come off as superficial. It’s important to me to not pull any punches. The world is scared right now. Now is not the time to celebrate or pat ourselves on the back. What we need to do is get to work. Ultimately, I decided that the best way to convey our mix of urgency and excitement would be to share the email I sent out to my team earlier this month.

Here it is, in full:

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