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Need more flexibility & self-sufficiency?

Tonkean’s no-code platform enables legal operations teams to drive immediate impact without adding more tools or complexity.

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Rapidly improve outcomes for your legal team

Learn industry best practices and use packaged, fully-customizable blueprints to drive better performance for your legal team.

Legal Operations Handbook

Improving legal operations requires orchestrating an intricate mix of people, process, and systems. This handbook provides practical steps to drive better performance for your legal team.

Legal Risk Handbook

Limiting your legal risk exposure is one of the top priorities for the legal team. Learn industry best practices on the things you need to consider to mitigate risk.

Legal Intake Blueprint

Optimizing legal intake can make attorneys 20% more productive & improve business satisfaction by 50%. Utilize this packaged, fully customizable blueprint to deliver an ideal legal intake experience.

Tonkean + Legal Ops

See how Tonkean can improve key areas in your legal processes.

Handle incoming questions and document requests instantly while routing more complex problems to the right people.

Automate the creation, review, and approval of documents like NDAs, SOWs, contracts, and other documents based on your current templates.

Automatically sort and triage scanned physical documents so that your legal team can focus on more urgent initiatives.

Coordinate and follow up with auditees on behalf of risk, audit, and compliance teams to collect evidence while making it easy for auditees to submit data and documents.


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Consolidate and automate legal requests received across multiple systems end-to-end without forcing your company to learn any new systems or processes.

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Automate the coordination of data collection and subsequent approvals so your audit team can do what they do best.

Connect to any of your packaged & custom apps, communication tools, databases, and more

Form-less workflow automation

Now that’s a novel idea. Using 1000+ system connections and intelligent technology like NLP & OCR, connect to tools like email, chat, other systems and process or route legal requests from any source–no change management required.

Build processes entirely on your own

Stop relying on developers. Tonkean’s intuitive no-code Solution Studio makes streamlining legal processes accessible to any legal operations professional.

Built for business.
Loved by IT.

Tonkean caters to both business and IT teams, providing an enterprise model to deliver both agility and governance across the organization.
Enterprise model for workflow governance across the organization
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Visibility across systems & teams

Reduce blind spots and prove value. Monitor all aspects of legal processes from request details to high-level KPIs to continually improve your strategic business value.

Accelerating Process Efficiency for Legal Operations

Download this 3-page solution brief to understand the business challenges enterprise legal operations teams face and more importantly, how to solve them.

Self-sufficient workflow building

Intuitive no-code graphical interface makes it easy to build end-to-end processes

Zero change management

Legal services through existing communication channels

Real-time analytics and insights

Detailed business and process reporting against KPIs

Tonkean empowers operations teams

Accelerate Operational Velocity

Provide ops teams with more flexibility and agility to improve operational efficiency.

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Reduce IT dependency

Minimize reliance on IT or engineering for support to improve processes.

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10x Lower Maintenance Costs

Simplify the ongoing maintenance of solutions with a single, no-code platform.

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Enterprise Grade

Provide IT with confidence to deploy and support mission – critical processes. SOC 2 & GDPR compliant.

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