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A.I. Powered Management Platform

All the information you care about in one place with automatic insights from your team.

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Management Automation Platform

Replace manually updating uber-spreadsheets
with an all-in-one automatic management console.

End-to-End Visibility
Data from your business tools + context from your team.
End-to-End Visibility
Smart Automation
Proactive check-ins, follow-ups and alerts.
End-to-End Visibility

Coordination Calculator

Check how much you can save with Tonkean

How many people do you work with weekly?


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How It Works

List / import the things you want to keep track of.
Assign owners and pull in key data metrics from your tools.
How to 1
Tonkean A.I. proactively reaches out to owners for input.
Powered by our Smart-Triggers and any custom trigger you define.
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Owners respond directly within Slack / MS Teams / Stride or email!
They can take action or create additional follow ups with other teammates.
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Both your key data and the context from your team all in one place.
Automatically gathered and always up-to-date.
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Managers ❤ Tonkean

We haven’t missed a deliverable since we implemented this 18 months ago.
With Tonkean, I don't need to worry about things unless I should be worried about them.
Wes Goldstein
VP, Client Engagement
Paladin Technologies, Inc. (formerly JCS Consulting)
Tonkean is an absolute game changer because it lets me be everywhere at the same time - it’s like it duplicates me!
Ariel Cohen
CEO & Founder TripActions
Tonkean has become my everyday tool. Instead of having my data spread across different tools, now everything is in one place - with the latest from my team.
Dan Kotlicki
CEO & Founder Toonimo
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