The Operating System for Business Operations

The Enterprise Standard
for Process Orchestration

The Bridge Between Business & IT

For Business Operations
Automate any business process, no code or change management required.
For Business Technology
Create a standard that improves both governance and business agility.

Trusted by enterprises worldwide

Automate complex business processes, fast.

The building blocks to execute, monitor, and manage any business process built in our Solution Studio fully without code.
Contextual Event Triggers

Trigger actions based on system updates, human actions, item details, timing, or any combination of contextual elements.

People Coordination Actions

Accelerate human steps with actions that proactively reach out and follow-up with people for input in their preferred communication tool.

Data Actions

Add actions that create, read, update, and delete data elements in any packaged or custom data source.

Conditional Logic

Quickly define complex decision rules and logical flows to handle any case in your business process.

Smart Entity Mapping

Automatically associate linked elements across systems and people without any manual data mapping.

Advanced Formulas

Define, with no-code, custom combined data elements to drive process decisions or measure KPIs.

Live Reports

Monitor, report, and act on every item detail as well as overall operational KPIs to deliver end-to-end visibility and efficiency.

Build an enterprise standard for solution delivery

Define the Enterprise Components that govern and accelerate solution delivery to your most mission-critical business processes.

Quickly connect your packaged and custom applications with 1000+ connectors and easy-to-build webhooks.
Specify native or custom actions that can be performed on your data sources with full governance and easy reusability.
Determine the communication mediums of choice (i.e. Slack, Teams, Google Chat, or email) for human-in-the-loop processes.
Train the machine learning models that empower advanced capabilities like NLP for processing unstructured data for use in solutions.
Ensure compliance and minimize risk with fine-grain access control and versioning on every component, module, and solution.

Connect to any of your packaged & custom apps, communication tools, databases, and more

The alternative to build vs. buy

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Spent on SaaS in mid-sized enterprises
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Wasted daily on low-value work
$ 0 k
Minimum to build an enterprise app in-house
0 %
Of automation projects on avg. don't meet expectations

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