Purchasing approval made simple

Tonkean empowers procurement teams to get spend and risk under control.

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Intake That Serves Your Needs​

All they want is to use new software to solve a pain in their work.

Don’t make their life harder!

  • Use systems they love like Slack, Teams, and Outlook
  • Simple intake. Don't complicate it for the requester
  • Create visibility into the workflow! “Where is my request at?”
  • Minimal change management
Procurement Intake
Procurement Portal

Mitigate Risk And Reduce Procurement Cycle

The procurement team is overburdened with incoming requests from the organization.

Reduce the procurement cycle time, reducing time to respond and time to completion while keeping all the stakeholders updated with the current statuses.

How do we help you do that?

  • Intelligent prioritization
  • Escalate when needed
  • Auto handle simple requests
  • Surface risk on time

Automatic Policy Approval Workflow​

Using our pure no code editor, procurement teams can customize

workflows without relying on developers.

Coordinate all the relevant stakeholder approvals using

smart policies to approve new vendor requests:

  • Legal and compliance policies
  • Procurement and strategic sourcing
  • IT and security reviews
Procurement Approval

Seamlessly integrated with the tools of your choice

Procurement intake using Ironclad
Procurement intake using Workday
Procurement intake using Servicenow
Procurement intake using NETSUITE
Procurement intake using Asana
Procurement intake using Jira
Procurement intake using Zendesk
Procurement intake using Airtable
Procurement intake using DocuSign
Procurement intake using Adobe Sign