Employee Satisfaction

Empower and delight your people

People are the lifeblood of your organization. Tonkean streamlines processes and reduces manual tasks so that your people can focus on the things that matter.

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Adaptive Modules For Employee Satisfaction

Check out some examples of how enterprises are using Tonkean to reduce manual work and drive employee satisfaction.


No-Code & No Change Management

Tonkean accelerates time to value by enabling cross-functional business operations & IT teams to rapidly orchestrate processes and improve operational visibility on top of your existing systems & tools.

Connecting Shopping Volunteers Amid COVID-19

With coronavirus spreading rapidly, the demand for Shopping Angels increased exponentially, and hundreds of requests poured in every day around the country. Shopping Angels began using Tonkean’s Adaptive Business Operations platform to automate the process of taking in requests and routing them to the appropriate volunteer.

Using Tonkean to automate was a major improvement.

— Ben Wallace, Shopping Angels

orchestrate your business to improve satisfaction

Tedious business processes takes time away from your employees and drains their ability to focus on the things that matter. Tonkean orchestrates your business operations to make every process efficient and natural.          

streamline tedious employee processes

Reduce tedious processes, delays, and administrative tasks that your employees need to perform to get work done.

gain end-to-end visibility of key employee metrics

Monitor, measure, and act on the critical employee KPIs such as request turnaround time, turnover rate, cycle times for tasks, and more.

SEAMLESS INTEGRATION with your systems

Tonkean integrates with 1000+ business systems, so you don’t need to replace your existing environment or train your team on new processes.
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Spending too much time on administrative work?

Every minute an employee spends on administrative tasks is time that she could be spending doing higher value, more fulfilling work.

It is more important than ever to develop an efficient and vibrant work environment to keep employees happy, productive, and engaged. Unfortunately, manual and complex business processes that force people to jump across multiple tools and chase people for updates take away from the employee experience.

Tonkean’s Adaptive Business Operations Platform give your organization the flexibility and power to orchestrate all your administrative processes and more across systems and people. From coordination processes such as employee onboarding & offboarding to handling large request queues like HR emails, Tonkean can offload mundane work so that your people can focus on the things that matter.