Give your customers concierge service

Personalize customer onboarding at scale

Tonkean’s adaptive module for customer onboarding fully automates individual touchpoints for every new customer from the welcome email to active usage. Ensure every new customer gets the attention they deserve and are fully realizing the value of your product.

Automate customer onboarding end-to-end

deliver the ideal experience for every new customer

Tonkean’s customer onboarding adaptive module integrates with your existing systems and communicates with your customer teams to deliver an experience that is tailored to the individual needs of every new customer.

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Ensure nothing falls through the cracks

Gain full visibility on the onboarding progress for every new customer. Improve customer satisfaction and reduce churn by ensuring each customer is getting the necessary support they need to be successful. Track overall KPIs and metrics to accurately measure the performance of your customer teams.

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Leverage the systems you have today

Accelerate time to value by avoiding tedious and costly migrations to new systems. Tonkean integrates directly with your systems and layers intelligent workflows on top. Your customer teams will reap the benefits without ever knowing you’ve added a new system.

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