Empower Ops Teams with Automation

Get more out of your systems & people

Operations teams today are faced with higher business demands, more frequent changes, and greater complexity.

Tonkean empowers operations teams with a tailor-made workflow orchestration platform to connect systems, automate workflows, and coordinate people.

Go from keeping the lights on to driving strategic business impact.

Introducing the Workflow Orchestration Bot

Streamline processes and automate manual tasks

Eliminate menial tasks such as data entry, administrative tasks, and chasing people for updates. Tonkean’s AI-Powered Workflow Orchestration Bot can manage and execute your processes intelligently & automatically, allowing you to offload repetitive work so that you can focus on moving the business forward.

Automate Workflows Without Coding

powerful visual Workflow Builder

Easily train your Tonkean Bots to orchestrate your end-to-end process with data and people actions as well as custom workflow logic. Tonkean’s intuitive Workflow Builder makes anyone an automation wizard.


Get Info From People to Systems


Getting people to adopt & use systems is hard. Tonkean’s Bot reaches your people where they are, in Slack, MS Teams, or email to notify them of important updates, capture notes, and take action. Design your processes and systems around your people, not the other way around.

Manage & Monitor Your Workflows

Gaining visibility across entire workflows is hard. Tonkean brings together data from all your systems & and people into a single place. Then, trigger actions in your systems or people to turn insights into action.


Connect & Customize All Your Tools

Tonkean eliminates the constraints of systems and puts operations teams in control. Ensure data is seamlessly captured and shared while maintaining consistency across all of your systems. Add custom workflow logic on top of your systems so that your processes follow the specific needs of your business.

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