Opportunity Monitoring

There’s a constant struggle between sales reps and sales managers when it comes to keeping your CRM up-to-date. Here’s how Tonkean makes that a breeze.

Update Salesforce Remotely

Navigating through and updating opportunities in Salesforce is both tedious and complicated. Let your sales team update Salesforce remotely through Slack so that they can focus on closing deals.

Improve Forecasting Accuracy

When your data is regularly obsolete, it stifles confidence in your reports. Punctual reminders to your sales team helps keep your data up-to-date and gives you peace of mind when generating reports.

Accelerate Pipeline Velocity

When collaborating with other teams, it’s vital that everyone knows what’s going on at every stage of the sales cycle. Make it easy for the teams involved to see what’s happening in Slack, alerting them when it’s their turn to push the deal forward.

Automate opportunity updates across your sales team & CRM

Automatically update your CRM from your communication tool of choice (such as Slack and Teams) and ensure that your data is always up-to-date.

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The ability to deliver
complex solutions. Fast.

Deliver process solutions in a fraction of the time that it takes to implement packaged or custom build solutions.


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vs alternatives

Buy Packaged

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Custom Build

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Work with your tools, people, and processes

Systems should fit around your people and processes, not the other way around. Tonkean achieves fast time to value, allowing you to extend your existing tools to work for your unique people and processes.

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Getting through the contracts process can be tedious and slow. Tonkean eliminates the manual back-and-forth process and helps accelerate sales velocity.

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