Pipeline Cleanup Bot

Improve your sales forecasting accuracy with a bot that proactively cleans your pipeline by updating your CRM and sending notifications to your sales team.

Improve Forecasting Accuracy

Stale opportunities in your CRM clogs up your pipeline and negatively affects forecasting accuracy. Gain confidence in the integrity of your pipeline with Tonkean.

Accelerate Sales Cycles

Timely and relevant follow-ups are vital to closing deals. Empower your sales team with a bot that actively alerts your reps when opportunities start to fall through the cracks.

Decrease Administrative Time

Your sales team shouldn't be spending all of their time managing the CRM. Make it easy for reps to maintain their pipeline while focusing their time on actually selling.

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Your Pipeline
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Your Process

Train the Tonkean Pipeline Cleanup bot to manage your pipeline exactly how your teams and business needs it with our visual, no-code Workflow Builder. Connect to your existing systems like CRM, support ticketing, contracts management, finance, and more with our 1000+ connectors.

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Custom Real-Time Reporting

Track and measure activity details and high-level KPIs across systems without needing to transfer data to and from multiple systems.

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