Intelligent support triaging

Scale support with end-to-end coordination

Empower your customer support teams with a partner that automatically understands, routes, and documents every incoming support request from all of your channels – email, forms, or chat.

Watch how Tonkean automates a support escalation process

Create a seamless support process

meet the needs of your customers, business, and agents

Enhance your support tools like Intercom, Zendesk, Freshdesk, Hubspot, etc. with custom workflows and connect them to your collaboration tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams to fully automate your support process while satisfying everyone’s needs.

Maximize customer time

eliminate manual processes & data capture

Ensure that your support agents are spending time with customers and not triaging requests or documenting tickets. Tonkean’s adaptive module for support triage will automatically understand and route requests to the right level of support and capture all activity associated with each ticket.


Orchestrate the entire support experience

unify your support process

Ensure timely and high-quality responses for every support request by ensuring requests are properly routed and tracked in a single, consolidated view. Measure important KPIs like response time, resolution time, and customer satisfaction.


Your systems, your way


Systems should fit around processes, not the other way around. Design custom workflows and logic around the needs of your people and business without changing your underlying systems.


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Struggling to meet customer support needs?