Automate Administrative Tasks

Let us take care of the busy work.

Get critical information sitting in people’s heads, disparate documents, and multiple systems into a single, automated platform.

Tonkean automates the tiresome chore of getting updates from people or systems, and allows everyone to focus on what’s important.

Watch how Tonkean automates manual tasks


Get updates from people automatically

Tonkean’s AI-powered workflow bot proactively reaches out to your team in Slack, MS Teams, or email for updates, and so you won’t have to.

Eliminate manual steps

Automate manual steps such as data entry, updates, or transfers so that your team can spend time doing more strategic tasks.


All of the latest status and updates you care about are organized into one central dashboard to give you a single source of truth.


Tonkean complements and seamlessly integrates 1000+ business systems, so you don’t need to dismantle your existing infrastructure or train your team on new systems.
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You know the routine…

Each member of the team needs to be at a weekly status meeting for updates, or worse, 1:1 meetings with the manager or project lead. Beforehand, each of them is expected to send an update on their activities. Sometimes they do. Often, they forget and someone needs to remind them, and then you get a hastily put together document – or worse, an email – that’s probably incomplete and lacking detail. Your status meetings turn into document review sessions instead of what they should be — strategic discussions to ensure the success of the team. There is a better way.

Tonkean ends the time-consuming and inefficient processes of administrative tasks such as ensuring updates are captured and shared from every member of the team. Our AI-powered workflow bot takes the burden of administrative tasks off your shoulders by automating manual tasks and organizing the latest status into a central dashboard. Without having to lift a finger and in a single view, all the information the team needs is captured and easily accessed. No one will ever again need to use a document or filter endless emails to keep track of progress. They weren’t designed for that anyway.

Offload the tedium to Tonkean, and allow your team to focus on being the best version of themselves.